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Country:  Ethiopia

Region: Sidamo

Estate: Garden coffees, produced by smallholder farmers, sold through the EXC

Varietal: Heirloom

Process: Washed

Altitude : 1400 to 2200 m

Roast Profile: Medium to Dark

Flavour Notes:

Floral aroma

Apricot Notes

Medium Body

Fruited Lime

Best Suited for: Espresso & Slow Brew

Of all the coffee-producing countries, Ethiopia is perhaps the most compelling. Its fascination stems not only from the unusual, astonishing coffees it produces, but from the mystery that shrouds so much of it. The explosively floral and fruity coffees from Ethiopia have opened many a coffee professionals’ eyes to the diversity of flavour that coffee can have Garden coffee is from trees planted around a homestead or other dwellings. There is less natural shade and more management of the shade trees, such as regular pruning to prevent too much shading, many producers use some fertilizers on their plants. This type of coffee makes up the bulk of Ethiopia’s production The growing regions of Ethiopia are among the most recognizable names in coffee, and are used to sell the coffee today and probably will be in the foreseeable future. The genetic potential of the indigenous and wild varieties of Arabica make the future of coffee in Ethiopia an exciting one, too. Sidamo produces a mixture of washed and naturally processed coffees that are incredibly popular among those who enjoy a fruity and intensely aromatic cup. This region grows some of the highest coffee in Ethiopia.

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