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Country : Honduras

Region: Copan

Estate: El Morito

Varietal: Caturra, Bourbon & Catuai

Process: Fully washed & Patio dried

Altitude : 1300 to 2300 m

Roast Profile: Medium to Dark

Flavour Notes: 

Nutty Cocoa Aroma


Chocolate Finish

Malic Acidity

Best Suited for: Espresso

Extra Information:


Founded in 2009 thanks to the vision of a family and the subsequent union of a group of entrepreneurial coffee producers from Lepaera.

INLOHER, is a coffee mill dedicated to the processing, production and commercialization of high-quality coffee beans. Their main headquarters are located in Lepaera, Lempira, and they also have offices in Santa Rosa de Copán.

Their main headquarters are located in the coffee growing area of ​​the department of Lempira. One of their principles is to work hand in hand with the producers and the best way is to be close, to know the origin of each one, their life and that of their families.

The company was born under the inspiration of Mr. Hilario López who began working in the area as a farmer and local coffee merchant since 1980. The children of this entrepreneur, who grew up working closely with the producers, became involved in their activities. It was decided to unite with a group of the best producers in the area to continue working with passion and respect for the people who earn their food in the field every day.

Additionally, thanks to the training and vision of the new generation, the company was born with a clear focus on its objective, with a business idea that would allow them to reach many producers and also be able to generate well-being in all the families with whom they work.

Since INLOHER was consolidated, it has directly impacted, through a solid social responsibility program, more than 200 coffee families directly and more than 4000 families indirectly.

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