Tanzania Peaberry Organic




Full Name:  Tanzania Peaberry Organic

Country:  Tanzania

Region: Moshi

Varietal: KP423, N39, Compact

Process: Washed & Sundried

Altitude : 1650 to 1950 m

Roast Profile: Medium to Dark

Flavour Notes:

Notes of Spice

Sweet Citrus

Mild Acidity

Clean Finish

Best Suited for:  Espresso


Kilimanjaro is located towards Tanzania’s Northern border with Kenya. The Iconic mountain is visible from both Kenya and Tanzania.

On the southern and eastern foothills coffee and many subsistence crops have been grown by the Chagga tribe for generations.

On the northern and western zones a rain shadow is less favourable for agriculture.

Multiple AMCOS’s are organized under the Kilimanjaro Native Cooperative Union that was formed by Charles Dundas in 1930.

The structure of this supply chain has been well suited to withstand the recent regulatory changes, and is the model on which supply chains all over the country are being reformulated.

Peaberry occurs when coffee plants produce just one seed in a cherry rather than two. The occurrence of Peaberry is a natural phenomenon. Tanzania exhibits a particularly bold PB.

With good access to water and plenty of nutrients Tanzania PB achieves some spectacular results on the cupping table. The normal occurrence of PB in Tanzania is around 7%.

• The Screen size is often above Screen 14.
• The cup benefits from a high ratio of nutrient concentration.
• Being smaller than AB and AA they are often denser.
• Its smaller surface area to volume ratio provides flexibility in roasting.

As with all parts of Tanzania, climate change is being keenly felt through more volatile weather patterns.

Kijani Hai’s core goals of reforestation, income diversification and good agricultural practices are as applicable here as anywhere in the country.

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Aeropress, Moka, Beans, Espresso, Filter, Plunger


1kg, 250g